Why Diamond Tennis Bracelets Make the Perfect Gift?

A flexible bracelet with a single or multiple diamond rows is called a diamond tennis bracelet. It is also called infinity bracelets, mainly composed of endless circles of a diamond and other colourful stones. A diamond bracelet is an astonishing piece of wrist jewellery with several classy and sparkling designs available. It is named after an incident that happened during a tennis match in 1987, where a famous tennis player Chris Evert lost her customised diamond bracelet. She asked to pause the game to find her bracelet. The whole world watched this incident on live television. Since then, this kind of bracelet is known as a diamond tennis bracelet. Because of international recognition, everyone wanted a diamond tennis bracelet in their jewellery collection. Diamond tennis bracelets got recognition more than 30 years ago, but these kinds of diamond bracelets are still beloved and considered must-have accessories. These bracelets are available in default settings. However, you can make one with customised settings according to your mood and personality.

Types of Diamond Tennis Bracelet:


Before buying a diamond tennis bracelet as a gift for your loved ones, you must know which type of tennis bracelet will make your relationship stronger and never-ending. A diamond tennis wristlet is a symbol of love. That is why this kind of bracelet is widely used as a gift for loved ones.


The two famous types of tennis diamond bracelets are;


#2 The tennis Classic Bracelet:


The classic tennis handpiece is one of the easiest carrying jewelry any girl would own. A classic tennis bracelet has various settings ranging from a basic 4 prong set to bezel bracelet design or channel design. A classic bracelet is usually adjustable in length and suits almost any outfit at any function. This is mostly used by a classy woman who loves to look decent and classic.


#2 The Bangle Bracelet:


This is also one of the most popular tennis bracelet types which you can wear at events and other occasions. Bangles are designed in unchangeable length. Moreover, the prongs are used to hold the diamonds tightly to the wristlet. The main difference between the classic tennis bracelet and bangle bracelet is that the classic tennis band is adjustable in length, and bangles are designed 

in a fixed size.

Different types for setting in Tennis Bracelet:


Normally there is a large number of settings in tennis bracelets even you can make a customized one according to your choice. The three main and primary types of setting in tennis bands and bracelets are channels, prong, and bezel. All these settings have a distinctive look from the other one making it unique and glamorous.


#1 The Prong Setting:


This is one of the widely used settings for the tennis bracelet. The metal holds and captures the stone or diamond in the prong setting from all sides, just like any other diamond ring. The Prong setting exclusively showcases the glamour of diamond in the ring because there is only one prong holding the diamond, showcasing the beauty of the diamond.

#2 The Channel Setting:


This channel setting is a double row of thin metals holding the stone or diamond from in the center similar to a water channel. The channel setting looks very classy. This setting makes the diamond sit in the deep middle.


#3 The Half Bezel Setting:


A bezel setting is just like a watch. The stone or diamond is bounded by the incredible metal setting, just like the head of the watch. The half-bezel is the concept in which each gemstone is held from two sides where the band supports it. 


Diamond Tennis Bracelet as a Perfect Gift:


Are you confused about what to gift to your loved ones on a special occasion to make them feel special? A diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most adorable gift ideas for the loved ones in your life, whether she is your wife, mother, girlfriend, or sister. A tennis bracelet is best for women of all ages. They would surely appreciate and love the beauty of this amazing piece of jewelry. A tennis bracelet is easy to carry and can be worn regularly as a reminder of your love. You can present this gift on any occasion. The options are endless, but the best days are Christmas, Valentine’s day, and birthdays. 


Everyone would be excited to receive an amazing gift like a diamond tennis bracelet from their special ones on these holidays. One of the most special days in anyone's life is the anniversary day, for which a tennis diamond bracelet can be the best choice. It’s not necessary to present this bracelet only on special occasions, but it can be bought on personal preferences too. This bracelet will make your wrist glow. 

Best Tennis Bracelets to Buy:


There is a large number of designs for tennis bracelets. We have made it easy for you by collecting some of the best tennis bracelets which every woman can wear in their daily life. You can also gift it to your loved ones on traditional days as well as Valentine's Day, Christmas, and anniversary. Here are some of the best picks here. You can visit this site to grab one of the best tennis bracelets before it goes out of stock.